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Kenneth Wright

Only in Nashville... On the heels of seeing Haggard at the Ryman on Monday, I saw possibly (in my most honest professional opinion) the best "tribute band" ever assembled! "Big Shoes" at Douglas Corner last night was amazing. From the musicianship, vocals, song selection, seasoning through experience and raw talent, to the passion, no stone was left unturned! Daily I work with folks who question the state of music in this town these me, it is alive and well! Andy Peake , hats off to and your bandmates! Again, I was blown away! Hell, I could have put together a band of "who's who" in the audience! Great job!

Phillip Wolfe

A tremendous performance all across the stage. This was one of those "Only in Nashville" things. The fact that these musicians and singers have so many credits between them, it's like a virtual "who's who" of the most respected artists in our profession.

Ken Spooner

Went to hear a bunch of smokin' alley cats last night. "BIG SHOES" made a rare appearance at Bourbon Street in historic Printers Alley. WHADDA BAND .. WHADDA BAND !! All Seasoned Veterans from some great acts in Rock, Blues and Country too. Amazing interplay with three guitars that never step on each others feet, but shine dem shoes bar after bar. Greatly aided along by a stellar drummer and a percussionist that knock out some fantastic grooves, tied together with a bass that is always there but never too busy and a keyboard player that stuns when its his time to go. Gtrs : Kenne Kramer , Rick Huckaby, Will McFarlane, Bass : Tom Szell, Keys : Mark T. Jordan Drums : Andy Peake (who is their fearless leader ) and Brian Czack with an amazing array of percussion instruments that fits like a glove with Andy's top coat . ALL I CAN SAY IS IF THEY COME YOUR WAY, GO AND HEAR THEM or PICK UP THEIR CD .